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Keep your pool in great shape all year long with our maintenance service.  We will maintain your water quality, clean your filter, and clean the pool including the tile lines all year long.  Our expert repair technicians can repair or replace broken or malfunctioning pool equipment to keep the system running just right.  All of our employees drive marked vehicles and wear logo-ed shirts to identify them as our employees.  We strive to be professional and stand out among the competition.  We care about you and your pool.

Want to spend less on electricity?  Ask us about an energy efficient variable speed pump or motor.

One question frequently asked is why you should care about a service company’s insurance coverage.  The facts are that a fly by night company can charge less because they are not fulfilling the laws concerning customer protection.  If a fly-by-night contractor damages your property, he will probably not have the resources to make it right for you.  Protection against that type of risk is general liability.  Another very hazardous situation for the customer is medical coverage covering the worker getting hurt while on the customer’s property.  In this circumstance you the home owner WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS MEDICAL BILLS.  This is not good.  Workman’s Compensation insurance covers the property owner against this circumstance.  Kirsplash is fully licensed and insured.  We carry a million-dollar general liability policy and each of our employees are covered by workmen’s compensation insurance. 

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